At the harbor of Marseille I found this exciting building, built by Norman Foster, with a chrome ceiling in the size of a soccer field. Just to create shadow for the pedestrians. What a nice idea...


Since the 30´s , built under Mussolini, this beautyful pool is still in operation.The architecture and the mosaics are breathtaking...


Most of my flights are kind of boring. But not this one from London to Rio. I always have my Hasselblad in the seat and for half an hour, close to Rio we had these spectacular, unusual cloud formations. It felt like a show for me and made my flight so  exciting...

liwa desert abu dhabi

I was really impressed by the beauty of the Liwa desert.150 Km outside from Abu Dhabi.It is 100 % silent.The sand is incredible fine and there is no toxic animals,which makes the barefoot tour just nicer....

The shape of the dunes and the entire atmosphere is just amazing.We did a camelride,but I prefer not showing the pictures in my making off section :-) 

I can highly recommend to go there.Quasr al Sárab is the only place to stay..Magic...

Glacier Island

Inspired by my series LOST ANIMALS a private owner assigned me to create a picture of here show jumping horse Adrian. Getting him down into the riverbed location we found, was quit challenging. But it was exciting and fun to work with this sensitive , strong animal. This summer we also produced campaigns and a film for Goldman Sachs, ABB and TrowPrice in Canada, London and Denmark. The work will  be up on my page soon


Happy to announce that some of my lost animal pictures has been awarded by Spider awards and IPA awards


I´m very happy  and proud about all the awards we won this year.Thank´s Swen Morath and Tim Hoppin for the wonderful Swiss campaign and all your creative input and support.

Thank´s Ruth Eichhorn from GEO for sending me and my assistant to Rome for two weeks. 

And thank´s to the entire Zurich Team for shooting so many exciting ads with me and giving me the chance to shoot my personal series : Viareggio . And last but not least thank´s to my loved Assistant and great retoucher Matthias Buchholz for his excellent work and his big loyalty since so many years....