Magic Leap Stills

Stills for Magic Leap



Augmented reality seems to be one of the next big things.
I was pretty impressed by the technology and how it could change the way we learn, work and communicate. In 10 shoot days we produced numerous stills and matching video content for Magic Leap, the leader in this field.

Find the making-of film in my motion portfolio


In the deepest rain forest of Peru we produced a few Landscape images for Shell. The images are part of a campaign to support the beautiful Cordillera Azul national park.



For Phonak in Zurich I had the pleasure to produce some portraits. 


Happy to see my Electric forest series being selected for the 200 Best Ad photographers Book. Also just realized that I climbed up to position 3 and 4 in their ranking in Germany and overall.

ABB Film and Stills

Here is my latest Film and stills project for ABB. We used Rømø in Denmark as a desert location. Always in love with this wide open landscape.  Agency : Serviceplan      DOP : Torsten Lippstock / 1Unit, Production, Production : Andreas Hofmann / Peak Productions, Styling :Hendrik Schaulin / Liga Nord, Postproduction : Havest

Goldman Sachs

In London we created 6 images for Goldman Sachs. Rain mashines, CG, many extras, great luck with weather and a fantastic crew helped to make this wonderful project happen. Agency : Elephant New York / London. ECD : Milton Correa, ECD : Jones Krahl Designer : Joao Paz. ( The amazing Brazilians :-) AB : Carly Randall, Production : Locate, Postproduction : ZOOT 


Inspired by my series LOST ANIMALS a private owner assigned me to create a picture of here show jumping horse Adrian. Getting him down into the riverbed location we found, was quit challenging. But it was exciting and fun to work with this sensitive , strong animal. This summer we also produced campaigns and a film for Goldman Sachs, ABB and TrowPrice in Canada, London and Denmark. The work will  be up on my page soon


For ABB in Switzerland we produced 6 images for their global communication from ads to web. It´s been fun and fascinating to work with ABB´s latest technology, like electric car chargers, robots and trains. With help of helicopters and CGI we prodeced all images in Switzerland. Thank´s to Serviceplan Zurich for the great project. Recom for post, Melymel for production 


My work for Ledlenser and a personal project has been selected and published by

Lürzer´s 200 Best 

Film " TIME "
So thrilled and proud to present my first film. My goal was, to produce a package out of a commercial quality film combined with appr. 15 stills. That´s what I´d like to offer my clients from now on. Directing their film projects and producing the stills campaign in the same time. On previous projects I realized, that I have more and more client requests to shoot parallel to film shoots. From my experience it works so much better having just me directing the film and shooting the stills in the same time, than sharing locations, time, talents, nerves and crew with a director. So much more cost effective as well. I would be happy to present you our approach in a personal meeting. Please also check out the stills from this project on my site.
Personal project " Time " stills

These are the stills shot parallel to my film " Time " 


Late summer shots of Joerg in St. Dionys


Happy to announce that some of my lost animal pictures has been awarded by Spider awards and IPA awards


For Ledlenser we produced 3 images in Chile with CD Felix Lemcke and AD Jessica Minten from Grey.I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of Chile and the friendlieness of the people there. Will defintely go there again soon...


Crispin Porter + Bogursky used some of my images for their American Airlines Campaign.Some of the images will be mainly used for large outdoor billboards which are still the photographers dream to watch.

LOST ANIMALS final round

Last round of images for my book and exhibition project LOST ANIMALS. The comleted series has 12 urban images and 12 portraits. Working on the design of the book and finding the right publisher and gallery are the next steps. Can´t wait to hold the book in my hands...


For Siemens we produced 10 images in Capetown and Germany. When we where shooting the boat and canoe images, we where all day surrounded by 40 foot whales. Quit bizarre and beautyful.The images will be used for their global campaign and other medias.Thank´s to Julia Krumland, Alexander Kumfert from Heimat, Zoot, Steel, Nu projects and the rest of the crew


For Castrol we produced several industrial images in Sweden and Germany. Agency Purple London.CD Gary Westlake AB Sarah Green. We´ve seen exciting locations. The steel mill was the most impressive one. Incredible hot and unbelievable how  human beings are able to control such an agressive process.


In Singapore we created several images for the global campaign of Exxon.We´ve been flying over 3 days to get the shots we wanted to achieve. We´ve had a port navigator at our basecamp all day who scheduled the specific wanted ships and ideal flighttimes for us. That was aquit an amazing operation... Agency : BBDO New York AB : Jasmine Batista CD : Karen Dsouza


Lost Animals Phase two

This is the second round of images for my exhibition and book project " Lost animals " It´s been a lot of fun shooting these pictures. Just returned from NY where I shot two new images. Before Sept.11 it was much easier to get on rooftops in NY. Many thank´s to Josh Karan and Dan Halprin to help me with locations. London will be my last station for the series. Thank´s to Zoot and Sebastian Schierwater for the amazing work and the long hours to make these images possible.


For NetApp we realized a global campaign in California. Agency : Godfrey Q , AB Laura Lindow AD : Elena Coco CD : Andy Mera. 

Silver at BFF magazine

The Zebras from my series " Lost animals " has been awarded with silver at the actual BFF magazine. I really like the magazine. The large size is fun to watch. Print is still allive :-) Next month I will announce the second part of the series.


After 8 years of not accepting any car projects I was happy to work with Crispin Porter on this very exciting project. It´s been fun to block all these highways in LA.CD : Tito Melega / Dave Swartz, AB : Lisa Lee / Jill Groves, Production : Related  Post : Zoot 


100 images in 5 weeks. 7 global locations.My first poolshoot. As long as I´m usally producing one ad image per day it was quit an experience to shoot almost 10 images per day. With our more reportage kind of approach it was pretty easy and a lot of fun for me to work with all these different kind of people. The project took us to China, Sweden, India and Austria. I was amazed by the piecefulness and serenity of the Indians. The ambition of the Chinese and the beauty of Sweden. It was nice to see employees, which all work under the same human and friendly conditions.Thank´s Lina for the great experience...


For an exhibition and book project I´m actually working on a series of pictures which shows animals who are lost in urban, human environments. Paris ,Singapore, and London will be my next destinations to shoot.The project will be completed at the end of 2015.


Since the 30´s , built under Mussolini, this beautyful pool is still in operation.The architecture and the mosaics are breathtaking...


For Wired/ Condé Nast London we spend two days in Sweden to shoot the fancy world of Koenigsegg. The cars are 100 % handmade. The power is amazing . 1200 HP. Crazy...They produce more or less every single piece of the car inhouse. Some parts with 3 d printing... Very impressive...



For AMW BBDO in London we produced 9 pictures in several countries and continents.

Finding locations which instantly tell you the city and which kind of match together was pretty challenging.

Union Pacific

Even if I always try to find a perspective which is closer to the catering,I mostly end up in a man lift, or a helicopter.Whenever I go up the landscape szenery open up,get layers and just look a little different.And the Best of all.It provides a unique,never seen before perspective.

Thank´s to Marty Amsler for choosing me for the project and spending so much time with me in the gondola.And Thank´s to Dan Halprin for his excellent production service

AGENCY: BAILEY LAUERMANN | CD: Marty Amsler | Postproduction: ZOOT | PRODUCTION: Team Halprin


At the harbor of Marseille I found this exciting building, built by Norman Foster, with a chrome ceiling in the size of a soccer field.Just to create shadow for the pedestrians.What a nice idea...

Fiap Festival Spain

Two of my images won Silver at the FIAP award in Spain.


I feel blessed to work with such an exciting client like Swiss,who always come up with new topics.New York was a helicopter.Singapore was just a great hotel room on the highest floor of a hotel.I think their airplanes have the most elegant and pure design of all airlines....

AGENCY: Publicis Zurich | CD: Tim Hoppin | AD: Swen Morath


I´m very happy  and proud about all the awards we won this year.Thank´s Swen Morath and Tim Hoppin for the wonderful Swiss campaign and all your creative input and support.

Thank´s Ruth Eichhorn from GEO for sending me and my assistant to Rome for two weeks. 

And thank´s to the entire Zurich Team for shooting so many exciting ads with me and giving me the chance to shoot my personal series : Viareggio . And last but not least thank´s to my loved Assistant and great retoucher Matthias Buchholz for his excellent work and his big loyalty since so many years....



It was a pleasure to finally work for my government and see where my taxes end up :-) To shoot the new offshore windpark in the north sea we had a 1 hour distance to fly over water to get out there.No autorotation land...Wetsuits for all of us.But we had a beautyful,large helicopter.Check out the making off pictures.

Shooting with a baby was fun and unexpectedly easy.We had a reborn baby doll which was scary authentic, but at the end I was happy we where able to work with the real baby we had on set.

AGENCY: Zum goldenen Hirschen | CD: Marcel Fleiner | AB: Daniela Haitzler | Production: Locke.motion

liwa desert abu dhabi

I was really impressed by the beauty of the Liwa desert.150 Km outside from Abu Dhabi.It is 100 % silent.The sand is incredible fine and there is no toxic animals,which makes the barefoot tour just nicer....

The shape of the dunes and the entire atmosphere is just amazing.We did a camelride,but I prefer not showing the pictures in my making off section :-) 

I can highly recommend to go there.Quasr al Sárab is the only place to stay..Magic...

Swiss round 3

We did it again.Round 3 of the wonderful SWISS campaign.I start to feel home on the Zürich airport.Great people working there. No problem to organize a mega wetdown within 30 minutes. Or having an Airbus just for us, for a day. Many helping hands made it possible to realize our wintervision. In summer.....

It is around noon, when the entire Swiss, long haul fleet gets together on Terminal E and we where hovering and waiting until the entire family was completed...

Close to Mürren we found the lonely, remote village with its amazing landscape surrounded.I highly recommend to go there.Beautyful nature with dramatic mountains.



Most of my flights are boring.But not this one from London to Rio.I always have my Hasselblad in the seat and for half an hour , close to Rio we had these spectacular,unusual clouds formations.It felt like a show for me and made my flight so much more exciting...